Dragons Of Atlantis is a fantasy game created by Kabam. But the problem is, sometimes or much of the time Kabam doesn't help his players or like if someone says a report, he neverminds it. That is why I made this wiki to help players to be Self contained, self responsible, self concern. Because what if Kabam really does not help? PLAYERS LISTEN! This is the time to act you know? So Contribute and let this WIKI show who's the best!

But I remind you that Kabam still owns this game and this is 25% official and 75% UNOFFICIAL. Please do not post heart-breaking comments. That is the only rule and now fighting, badwords. Thank you for your support! Have fun and Battle On!!!

Best Regards,

Master Ian

Realm: Cobra There are many Realms is Dragons Of Atlantis.

Name: God Master Ian