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Comments5196pages on this wiki [1][2]&nbspThe Fortress is the heart of your City. Rule your citizens wisely. Monitor your Resource Production and adjust the Tax Rate by clicking on it. The game starts with a level 1 Fortress already built. The look of your Fortress depends on the Race of character you choose at the beginning of the game

.[3] The level of your Fortress determines how many fields you can build as well as how many wildernesses you can own. This information is shown by clicking on the Fortress, see the picture below for more details.

Requirement to Upgrade and Power Boost

Level Food Lumber Ore Stone Time Power
2 400 600 200 5000 100
3 800 1200 400 10000 1hr 1min 30s 100
4 1600 2400 800 20000 2h 4m 33s 200
5 3200 4800 1600 40000 4h 12m 13s 400
6 6400 9600 3200 80000 8h 30m 45s 800
7 12800 19200 6400 160000 17h 14m 17s 1600
8 25600 38400 12800 320000 1d 10h 54m 25s 3200
9 51200 76800 25600 640000 2d 22h 41m 13s 6400
10 102400 153600 51200 1280000 5d 23h 8m 29s 12800
11 204800 307200 102400 5120000 7d 22h 13m 20s 25600

Note: The power boost received from the Fortress is the same as you would receive from the Wall or the Dragon Keep. The power you receive is cumulative, therefore for a lvl 11 Fortress you receive the power from lvl 1 + lvl 2 + lvl 3 and so on until lvl 11. The total power that you can receive is therefore 51,200.

[4]'Screen when you click on the FortressAdded by LurkersRusWhen you click on the Fortress, you will see this screen.

At the top, it tells you the usual information about the building. The blue text tells what you are currently able to have. The white text tells you what the benefits of the next level are.

At the bottom, it tells you what your production rates are and the boosts you are currently receiving from wildernesses and Nano use.

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