The Great Dragon (GD) is the key to your city's survival and will defend your city if it is under attack. Your dragonwill be raised in the Dragon's Keep, which you need to upgrade in order to help your dragon grow to an adult. Your Great Dragon can participate in your attacks once you have found the 4 pieces of Dragon Armor. The Great Dragon can now be upgraded to level 12!

Different color scales and armor can now be won from Fortuna, which boost your dragons stats. For special events, like halloween, sometimes exclusive armor is offered for a limited period of time.

Great Dragon ArmorEditEdit

The 4 pieces of the Great Dragon's Armor can be found in level 5+ Anthropus camps. When you collect all 4 pieces of Armor, you will be able to research Aerial Combat.


The easiest way to obtain Great Dragon Armor is by sending waves to Anthropus Camps as soon as you have enough troops to send 2 full sized waves. To learn more about this attacking techniques, please visit the Wavingpage.

Once the full set of armor is acquired, your Dragon will automatically wear it.

The drop rate of Great Dragon Armor pieces about 50%, so it should not be too difficult to find. But because the drops are random, it may take you longer than other people.

Note: Once you have acquired all the pieces of Dragons armor, you need to research Aerial Combat to get your dragon ready to go on marches.

Great Dragon HealthEditEdit


The Great/Elemental Dragons can attack without having 100% health.

The minimum is 100% minus 5% per Aerial Combat level.

  • Level 10, until 50% of their full health.
  • Level 9, until 55%
  • Level 8 until 60%
  • Level 2, until 90%
  • Level 1, until 95%

Your Great Dragon will always take damage during an attack, but the amount it takes and therefore the time it takes to heal can be reduced by defeating the location 2x without the Great or Elemental Dragon and then including it with the 3rd wave. Or, if you are trying to obtain Anthropus Talismans, by sending enough other troops with the attack.

If your dragon is defeated in battle, she will be heavily injured, however, your Great Dragon will never die. Although it must heal, you can use speed-up items to help heal your Great Dragon's faster. Generally, the number of troops needed to clear a Camp or Wild is enough to ensure your GD will survive an attack, although it should be noted that the GD's range will interfere in battle if included with speed troops. Click here for details.

Troop CompatibilityEditEdit

Dragon Compatible Troops Best Troops Incompatible Troops


Ranged SSDs, BDs

So do not send the Great and Elemental Dragons with SSDs, BDs, and Banshees! The Wind Dragon may be used with Banshees and SSDs if Dragonry is level 8-10.