I need to know if anyone is having the same issues I am because I've turned in many tickets and none are answered.I'm extremely upset because I can't play the game. The game does not recognize that I have food. I've wasted a ton of food because I didn't realize what was happening. I would try to build or farm or whatever that required food and every time it said I had to buy food. It all shows in my items but when I use it it just disappears. I won a ton of stuff today and none was given to me. Every time I try to play there's something different. One day I found my entire city and GD completely disappeared. Then I noticed 6 of 7 eggs were gone and troops also. The only things I can really do is go to the forge or attack. That's it. My GD is at level 8 but my city is only 4 or 5 because I can't upgrade. I didn't have a computer for a couple years and these same things were plaguing me back then before my computer died. I thought the issues would be cleared up by now. For a little while I could actually play. Luckily my eggs returned but they're not safe. I have put so much money into this game It's very upsetting when you're always losing things. I bought 1100 diamonds this morning and within 10 minutes they were down to 168. I was not paying attention but I'm certain a lot of them just disappeared. I can't provide the proof they want so I will never get back what I lose. I love these games but I'm 68 and I don't understand how to do a lot of things which doesn't help. I play 2 or 3 other games and I have had a single issue--DOA is the only one. I have never seen anyone who has as an extreme an issue as mine. Worst of all is that support is just ignoring me. Maybe they hope I quit DOA for good. I probably should but I always find myself drawn back. I'd appreciate any input. Karen Watson