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Comments37696pages on this wiki [1] [2]From the four winds, the Wind Dragon has reappeared in Atlantis. The beautiful and graceful Wind Dragon is similar to the other Elemental Dragons and is raised in the 4th Outpost.You must upgrade the Dragon's Keep in order to make it evolve from Egg to an Adult.

[3] To get your Wind Dragon Egg, you must attack level 7+ Savannas with your GD/ED included.

You can start this Outpost once you are Level 12, control a plain, and own a Wind Dragon Egg. [4]Wind Dragon ArmorAdded by Walter69When your Wind Dragon is level 8, you can send it out on attacks with your troops. But like the Great Dragon, you need to recover all four of the Wind Dragon Armor pieces before the dragon can be used in combat. Wind Dragon Armor drops exclusively from level 7+ Savannas. Drop rates are higher as the level of the Savanna increases. It is possible to get other Elemental Dragons armor before the Wind Dragon's; the order you obtain them does not matter. Wind Dragons of level 8 - 10 will wear it automatically once the whole set is acquired.The easiest way to obtain eggs and armor is to send waves; visit this page to learn more about this attacking technique Waving.

It is advised that your Outpost be placed at such a distance from your City that the discovery of one does not necessarily mean the discovery of the other. A compromise must be found that facilitates a workable marching time between the two if you plan on reinforcing it.

If you get the egg, your quests section should get a glowing number on it, but you may need to refresh the game in order to see the completed quest.

When you meet the prerequisites, you will be able to train Banshees in your Training Center.

The Wind dragon is a speed troop and is adviseable not to send it with ranged troops because if you do you will most often end up in a loss of ranged troops.

Wind Dragon's KeepEditEdit

Raise your Outpost's Wind Dragon in the Dragon's Keep. Nurtured with care, the Wind Dragon will defend your Outpost with devotion and ferocity.

[5]Adult ArmoredAdded by LurkersRus[6]Adult UnarmoredAdded by LurkersRus

Requirements for Upgrade:

Level Food Gold Lumber Metals Stone Time (Levitation Lev.0)
2 800 3,000 5,000 1,400 2,400 6m 0s
3 1,600 6,000 10,000 2,800 4,800 18m 0s
4 3,200 12,000 20,000 5,600 9,600 48m 0s
5 6,400 24,000 40,000 11,200 19.200 1h 36m 0s
6 12,800 48,000 80,000 22,400 38,400 3h 12m 0s
7 25,600 96,000 160,000 44,800 76,800 6h 24m 0s
8 51,200 192,000 320,000 89,600 153,600 12h 48m 0s
9 102,400 384,000 640,000 179,200 307,200 1d 1h 36m 0s
10 204,800 768,000 1,280,000 358,400 614,400 2d 3h 12m 0s


Level Melee Ranged Defense Life Speed Range Load
1 0 0 0 0 0 1,000 0
2 850 600 500 50,000 1,300 1,000 0
3 850 600 500 50,000 1,300 1,000 0
4 1,950 1,377 1,148 114,868 1,300 1,000 0
5 3,174 2,241 1,868 186,858 1,300 1,000 0
6 4,483 3,165 2,638 263,900 1,300 1,000 0
7 5,860 4,137 3,448 344,930 1,300 1,000 0
8 7,297 5,151 4,293 429,290 1,300 1,000 0
9 8,780 6,198 5,165 516,520 1,300 1,000 0
10 10,306 7,275 6,063 1,053,512 1,300 1,000 0

For comparisons of all the Great and Elemental dragons, please visit the Dragons page.

Level Description From Game Upkeep/Food
1 The Wind Dragon Egg gestates.
2 The newborn Wind Dragon rests comfortably.
3 The baby Wind Dragon spreads its wings for the first time. It shows signs of great speed. 200 Defensive Strength.
4 Even though it is still young, the Wind Dragon is showing a great fondness for flight. 459 Defensive Strength.
5 The Wind Dragon has learned to defend its masters. It is happy in its outpost home. 747 Defensive Strength.
6 The Wind Dragon grows to maturity. Its wings grow stronger than ever. 1,055 Defensive Strength.
7 The young Wind Dragon has become a mighty flier. Its strikes are fast and powerful. It is nearly ready for combat. 1,379 Defensive Strength.
8 The Wind Dragon has grown to adulthood. It possesses masterful acrobatics. It is now ready for combat armor. 1,717 Defensive Strength.
9 The speed of your Wind Dragon grows mighty. This Dragon is one of the most swift in the land.
10 Your Wind Dragon has become a great boon to your empire. Its massive wings spread across the Outpost. Its speed and power in battles are forces to be reckoned with.

Aerial Combat and Dragons HealthEditEdit

The Great/Elemental Dragons can attack without having 100% health.

The minimum is 100% minus 5% per Aerial Combat level.

  • Level 10, until 50% of their full health.
  • Level 9, until 55%
  • Level 8 until 60%
  • Level 2, until 90%
  • Level 1, until 95%

Your Wind Dragon will always take damage during an attack, but the amount it takes and the time to heal can be reduced by defeating the location 2x without the Wind Dragon and then including it with the 3rd wave. Or if you are trying to obtain Anthropus Talismans, by sending enough other troops with the attack.

If your dragon is defeated in battle it will be heavily injured, however, your Wind Dragon will never die. Although it must heal, you can use speed-up items to help heal your Wind Dragon faster. Genereally, the number of troops needed to clear a Camp or Wild is enough to ensure your ED will survive an attack. It can be sent with Swift Strike Dragons but beware of losses. If you have level 10 Rapid Deployment and Dragonry there will be lower chances of losses. Click here for details.

Troop CompatibilityEditEdit

Dragon Compatible Troops Best Troops Incompatible Troops
Wind SSDs, Banshee Speed BDs, All ground troops


  • Body Armor
  • Claw Guards
  • Tail Guard
  • Helmet
  • Egg
  • Egg
  • Small Wind Dragon.
  • [7]Wind Dragon EggGo to Wind Dragon Egg
  • WiD Egg

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