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Comments1k96pages on this wiki [1][2]Summoned level 10 Wraith Dragon.Added by H3d0nicIt is said that when a Great Dragon nears the end of its time, it will disappear into the darkest forests in search of a resting place. This legend may prove to be true after all!

You can uncover a "suspicious site" on Level 7+ forests.


[[[]]hide] *1 '''Anthropus Talismans'''

Anthropus TalismansEditEdit

[3] To get Anthropus Talismans, you must attack level 4+ Wilds or level 1-11 Camps with a GD /ED included in the march. You will receive 1 Talismans per 500 Anthropus killed in a single battle. For more information on Anthropus Talismans, please visit the Anthropus Camps page. These can be won in packages of 50,000.

Spectral RuinsEditEdit

[4]Added by 'Dave SpotYou can start this Outpost once you are at Level 5, control a level 7+ Forest, and own 100k Talismans.

Important: To unlock your Wraith Dragon and upgrade it to Level 2, you will need to offer as a sacrifice the 100k Talismans that you collected as the requirement to build the Spectral Ruins. To utilize your Wraith Dragon in battle , you must first meet the following requirements: [5]Actual talons are connected to Body.Added by LurkersRus*Level 10 Wraith Dragon

  • Possess all 4 pieces of Wraith Dragon Remains
  • Possess 100k Anthropus Talismans
  • Possess 1.7 million Blue Energy

Wraith Dragon Remains can also be obtained by purchasing the Ark of the Dead Chest in the Shop.

Remains can be found in the Wilds shown below in pictures: Body of the Wraith Dragon.jpgHills = Body and TalonsForest.jpgForests = Head PieceLake.jpgLakes = Tail PieceMountain.jpgMountains = Talons (Wings) PieceAdd a photo to this gallery===Blue EnergyEdit=== 1.7M Blue Energy comes from having all L9 Reaping Stones and is only possible if you have a level 10 Wraith Dragon Altar. This ONLY requires 1 Completion Grant as with all the other Outpost Troops. 100k talisman only takes approximately 30 attacks on level 10 Camps. [6]It is possible to get other Elemental Dragons armor before the Wraith Dragon's, the order you obtain them does not matter. Wraith Dragon of level 10 will wear it automatically once summoned. The easiest way to obtain the armor is to send waves, visit this page to learn more about this attacking technique Waving.

Note:1.7M Blue Energy & 100K Anthropus Talismans are consumed each time you summon your Wraith Dragon. If you summon the dragon, it will remain summoned indefinitely until it is used and the Blue Energy will continue to collect again until it reaches capacity. Scroll the mouse over Blue Energy in the bottom row of your screen, where you get information regarding your resources.

To get more Blue Energy per hour, research higher levels of Energy Collection which will be added to your Science Center as soon as you build the Spectral Ruins.

Wraith Dragon's AltarEditEdit

The Wraith Dragon is a powerful dragon which can be used in combat. You can increase the battle statistics of your Wraith Dragon by upgrading your Dragon Altar. Each altar upgrade will require Anthropus Talismans.

Requirements for Upgrade:EditEdit


Food Gold Lumber Metals Stone Talisman Time Power
2 800 3,000 5,000 1,400 2,400 100,000 12m 50
3 1,600 6,000 10,000 2,800 4,800 3,000 24m 100
4 3,200 12,000 20,000 5,600 9,600 6,000 48m 200
5 6,400 24,000 40,000 11,200 19,200 12,000 1h 36m 400
6 12,800 48,000 80,000 22,400 38,400 24,000 3h 12m 800
7 25,200 96,000 160,000 44,800 76,800 48,000 6h 24m 1600
8 51,200 192,000 320,000 89,600 153,600 96,000 12h 48m 3200
9 102,400 384,000 640,000 179,200 307,200 192,000 1d 1h 36m 6400
10 204,800 768,000 1,280,000 358,400 614,400 384,000 2d 3h 12m 12800

A total of 865K Anthropus Talismans + 1 Completion Grant is required to get the Wraith Dragon up to level 10.

Once this is done a wraith can be summoned using another 100k talismans + 1.7 million blue energy this would be required to be done each time a wraith is summoned.

NOTE:The timings are given without the influence of any level of Levitation Research.


Level Melee Ranged Defense Life Speed Range Load
1 5,225 1,500 100 100,000 1,100 1,900 0
2 15,245 5,100 100 250,555 1,100 1,900 0
3 50,854 17,464 100 512,320 1,100 1,900 0
4 75,566 21,654 100 750,343 1,100 1,900 0
5 100,324 35,321 100 1,002,354 1,100 1,900 0
6 315,987 74,654 100 1,001,367,987 1,100 1,900 500,000
7 536,158 93,521 100 1,536,247,368 1,100 1,900 500,000
8 1,019,700 112,800 100 78,967,350,000 1,100 1,900 250,000,000
9 1,769,700 181,800 100 93,967,350,000 1,100 1,900 500,000,000
10 2,149,700 219,800 100 104,967,350,000 1,100 1,900 750,000,000

For comparison information of all the Great and Elemental Dragons, please visit the dragons page. PENIS

Wraith Dragon AttacksEditEdit

This dragon can not be sent on an attack with other troops. The march time shown is incorrect due to a known error associated with sending Great or Outpost dragons alone. The actual march speed is comparable to the march time of Halberdsmen. This error is not seen with other GD/EDs because they are not commonly sent alone.

The Wraith Dragon can not be killed as other troops and does not heal after battle as the other Great or Elemental Dragons do. During a battle, it will either win by killing all of your enemies troops, be defeated by your enemies' troops, or be "killed" as shown on the Battle Report, but you will not actually lose it. Regardless of the battle outcome, the Dragon will simply return to the Spectral Ruins awaiting to be summoned again.

You do NOT have to replace the Remains after a battle. Once you obtain the Remains, they will always be there similar to the Armor on the other Dragons.

If the Wraith is used to attack defending Soul Reapers + troops, the Wraith is able to kill any other troops on the wall, but will "ignore" the Soul Reapers. If only Soul Reapers are used to defend, the Wraith will steal your loot without killing the Soul Reapers.

If the Wraith Dragon is used to attack and then is recalled before the attack hits, it will NOT need to be summoned again.

Note: Wraith Dragons are unable to defeat a level 11 Camp.


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  • Wraith Defense win 3

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